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I am very disappointed with this site, you are depriving us more and more. First-points are no longer for every PTC click, just like before.
First-when opening PTC clicks you have now given (fish, cat, number ...) Just to be mistaken and open one PTC click several times and this is to your advantage.
Second- We no longer get for every PTC click point as before.
Third-When opening red PTCs, two PTC pages open each time.
Fourth — Rented referrals disaster — for $ 1 you get three so you’re at a 50% -60% verified loss.
Additional Game bonus-game I played 6 months every day up to 25x-30x Immediately at the start no win and in 5 minutes no win and no win and no win and no win and only after 5 attempts -win 50 banner credits-disaster day after day same The best win in 6 months is 0.01 purchase balance.
I am very, very disappointed and I don’t think I am the only one
Now I am writing for the second time because the first time I was immediately erased because I am an idiot.
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If you would take the time and look in the answered section... but ofcouse you didn't.
If you are disappointed, no one forces you to be here.

I will leave this answer in this section for your convenience and you can check the previous answer here:

Further multiple topics will be removed. If needed you'll be banned from the forum.

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