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Clixblue is now 3 Years Old!
Published on 11-02-2017

Hi dear members,

It happened, ClixBlue is now 3 years old!

It all started out in 2014 on a small VPS that was very soon too small and I had to do the first site migration in my life.
In the past 3 years I had a lot of fun with ClixBlue. It also makes me smile seeing still members around from the first hours.

Anyway, this calls for a big celebration! And instead of thinking up all kinds of discounts, you will decide the discount.
There will be a full week of Deposit Bonus valid till the 18th of January 2017, 23.59 server time!

Also what is a celebration without a contest?
There will be a Direct Referral contest for a full week. Up to $0.35 per referral!

Thank you all for the past 3 Years!

Admin of Clixblue

Added a new security feature to protect your account
Published on 23-01-2017

Currently a lot of members are not using the second password, this resulted in some accounts being hacked and their balances used to purchase advertisement.

In order to protect their accounts better, it is no longer possible to purchase advertisement when you login from a different country.

If you are no longer able to purchase ads and you feel this is in error, you can open a support ticket and we have a look at your situation and correct it.


Admin of Clixblue!

Christmas Promo #3
Published on 23-12-2016

Christmas Promo #3 (Valid till the 26th, 23:59 server time)

we are having Three Days Instant Deposit Bonus:
=+$10.00 5.00% Instant Bonus to your account
=+$25.00 7.50% Instant Bonus to your account
=+$50.00 10.00% Instant Bonus to your account
=+$100.00 12.50% Instant Bonus to your account
=+$250.00 15.00% Instant Bonus to your account
=+$500.00 17.50% Instant Bonus to your account
=+$1000.00 20.00% Instant Bonus to your account

The promo is valid for all payment processors!
PS: please note bonus Deposit tickets won't work within the next 3 days until this promo expires after 26/12/2016 23:59:59 server time.

Enjoy the Promo and have a great Christmas!

Best Regards,
Farajalla & Agony

Christmas Promo #2
Published on 20-12-2016

All memberships with 10% Discount!

You will find the prices for all memberships with 10% discount till the 23th of december  23:59 Server Time!

We hope you enjoy.


Best Regards,

Farajalla & Agony,

Adzbazar Admins

Christmas Promo #1
Published on 17-12-2016

As Christmas approches, we will have some nice Promo's for our you.

Promo #1 is valid till the 20th 23:59 server time.

Rented Referral renewal discount for all memberships!

15 Days - 0%
30 Days - 8%
60 Days - 13%
90 Days - 20%
150 Days - 27%
240 Days - 32%

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