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LiteCoin gateway added
Published on 23-11-2017

Since the cost of sending funds over the Bitcoin network is at a alltime high, we have added an alternative.
From today Litecoin can be deposited for a much lower fee, also exchanging this coin with BTC a lot cheaper.

Also THE LTC popularity is increasing by the day, thats why we added it as gateway option.

Best regards,

Current DDOS attack
Published on 16-11-2017

Currently many PTC sites experiance DDOS attacks from Iran.
Some time ago, a member from this country scammed a lot of people in Iran asking money to join.

A lot of these Iran members feel scammed, by this person Genius75 and some of these scammed members organised DDOS attacks towards PTC sites they joined under Genius75.

Our host blocks most of the DDOS attacks, but unfortunally also leads some members are not able to login and click advertisements.

This is not in our control and there is very little we can do about this.

Best regards,

Standard Members!
Published on 27-09-2017

This is requirement involves Standard members only!

In order for Standard members to cashout, a minimum of 10% of the earnings must be earned in Offerwalls.

The Offerwalls you can use are, PTCWall, AdcendMedia, Clixwall, KiwiWall, Minutestaff, Offers4All, Offertoro,
Persona, Superrewards, Wannads, PleWall, Offerdaddy and AdGatemedia.

We need to do this in view of the future because more and more money flows to our standard members,
our commission on ad revenue is getting lower while the costs to maintain our websites are getting higher.
We are permanetly looking for innovations to ensure our members' income.

Up-line will earn 10% commissions on the down-line completed offers!

There are two possible alternative options to avoid the OfferWalls;

Make a deposit (minimum $5) or Upgrade your membership, both is possible to of course.

Best Regards,


The return of PayPal
Published on 19-09-2017

Hello dear members,

We managed to return PayPal back to Clixblue!

From today you will find the PayPal option again in the deposit and upgrade parts of Clixblue.
Payments will pass through Coinpaiments as the procedure will show.

All is automatic, just like the other popular payment processors.
Withdraw for PayPal will be released soon and will not be instant as a trade off.

7 days Referral Contest!
Published on 12-09-2017

Hi dear members,

Starting tonight: We will launch a 7 days Direct Referral contest!

Prizes are as following, the more you people you refer, the higher your Prize will be.
You will be paid up to $0.25 for each referral you refer, directly into your balance!

The cntest will start on the 13th at 0:00 servertime and lasts for 7 days.
Prizes will be assigned soon after the contest finishes.

We all hope you will like it!

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