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Holiday time
Published on 06-08-2021

Dear members,

I'll be on a 2 weeks leave until 22th of August, during these 2 weeks things like tickets and payments will go through as usually but at a slower rate then you might be used to.

For all others who will have a holiday ahead as well, I wish you a happy holiday!

A beautiful Summer to every one!
Published on 22-06-2021

A beautiful Summer to every one!

In order to welcome the summer of 2021 a deposit bonus will be given on 23th 0:00 until 30th of June 23:59. (This promo ended)

There is no need to open a ticket, the bonus will be added automatic to your balance after despositing.

Deposit $1 or more, you will receive 2.5% extra in your purchase balance.
Deposit $10 or more, you will receive 5% extra in your purchase balance.
Deposit $50 or more, you will receive 7.5% extra in your purchase balance.
Deposit $100 or more, you will receive 10% extra in your purchase balance.
Deposit $250 or more, you will receive 12.5% extra in your purchase balance.
Deposit $500 or more, you will receive 15% extra in your purchase balance.

I hope you and your family will have a great time during this summer!

Lootably offerwall added
Published on 11-06-2021

Dear members,

I've added an extra offerwall for you to enjoy, lets welcome Lootably!

It is packed with surveys, video's and quizzes for you to enjoy!

Membership changes
Published on 06-06-2021

Dear members,

In the next days changes to the memberships will happen.
But do not worry as these changes will not affect the current memberships earnings in average.
Also, the current faq and upgrade needs to be updated, this will happen soon as well as the current version is not accurate during these changes.

The changes will happen in steps, so they can be monitored.

Step 1:

To start off with the standard memberships, there is no need anymore to have cashout point in order to cashout and the minimum cashout has been lowered to $0.25 for Airtm and Payeer!!
The current standard ads will be premium ads availble to upgraded members only.
Upline earnings will be over all advertisements with exception of the Bonus ads and advertisements with a lower value of $0.0002

Step 2:

The new memberships have been introduced, the price differences have been credited as extra days to each one with a membership. This also means the upgraded members now get credited for all advertisements clicked by their (rented) referrals. If your new membership exceeds the limit of the new membership, this will not affect your account.
The upgrade page and the faq page have been updated to make things more clear as well.

Suprise deposit bonus on Crypto
Published on 20-05-2021

Dear members,

Turbulence has entered all of our private realms. How sad to see many feld Bitcoin to be their ensurance against massive inflation, esspecially in the south America's.

To be some sort of beacon, Crypto deposits will be awarded with a 5% deposit bonus until 31th of May 2021 23:59. I hope things will stabilize quickly for the affected people.

This bonus does only apply to BTC and LTC deposits of $1.00 or greater!

Also please note, currently all crypto money has been stored in USD to protect it from the current volatile crypto values, crypto withdrawals will be processed but will take a lot more time then usual. This also because of network congestion.

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