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A brand new auction game for you!
Published on 03-05-2017

We added a bidding game for you to play.

When this game is active, you will notice a green notification in the left of your screen.

The rules are simple:

- The last person bidding on the item in the action wins the item free of charge.
- When the clock reaches 0:00, you no longer can bid on this item.
- You can bid only using your own points. Points you use to bid are non refundable.
- With every bid done, the time will extend 20 seconds, so other bidding members also have a chance to win.

Virool has been disabled
Published on 23-04-2017

Virool has been disabled, lately since we didn't receive payments from them.

Might we still receive the pending payments from them, we might enable Virool again.

Happy easter to you! Easter Promo 2017!
Published on 15-04-2017

Hi dear members,

Happy easter to everyone!
To celebrate, we will have a deposit bonus promo on the 1st and 2nd easter days.

Deposit $10.00+ and we will give you 5.00% extra
Deposit $20.00+ and we will give you 7.50% extra
Deposit $50.00+ and we will give you 10.00% extra
Deposit $100.00+ and we will give you 12.50% extra
Deposit $250.00+ and we will give you 15.00% extra
Deposit $500.00+ and we will give you 17.50% extra
Deposit $1000.00+ and we will give you 20.00% extra

This promo will be valid at the 16th and 17th of April servertime and will automatic added to your purchase balance on deposit.

PTSU Credits will no longer be sold
Published on 02-04-2017

Due the high cheating rate by members and advertisers in PTSU, we decided PTSU will be phased out.

From today PTSU credits are no longer for sale.
PTSU credits already purchased, can still be used.

Clixblue is now 3 Years Old!
Published on 11-02-2017

Hi dear members,

It happened, ClixBlue is now 3 years old!

It all started out in 2014 on a small VPS that was very soon too small and I had to do the first site migration in my life.
In the past 3 years I had a lot of fun with ClixBlue. It also makes me smile seeing still members around from the first hours.

Anyway, this calls for a big celebration! And instead of thinking up all kinds of discounts, you will decide the discount.
There will be a full week of Deposit Bonus valid till the 18th of January 2017, 23.59 server time!

Also what is a celebration without a contest?
There will be a Direct Referral contest for a full week. Up to $0.35 per referral!

Thank you all for the past 3 Years!

Admin of Clixblue

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