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Regarding Skrill and Neteller
Published on 03-03-2021

Dear members,

Today our Skrill account was limited and investigated, meaning all sorts of documents had to be send.
Since it becomes harder and harder to support these processors, we've decided to remove them in in the future.
Further we've noticed lately Skrill and Neteller adopted some strange rules regarding receiving or sending outside of the EU, Canada, USA and Australia getting impossible.
This means a large part of our members can't use these processors anymore, therefor Skrill and Neteller will be phased out in the way above as they are very expensive to have and not much used anymore.

This is how the removal will look like:

- If you have deposited with Skrill or Neteller only, you are can keep withdrawing to Skrill and Neteller. But it will be no longer possible to fund your account with Skrill or Neteller.
- If you have only deposited with Skrill or Neteller but wish to use another processor to fund/cashout, open up a support ticket.
- Withdrawals and deposits are closed for all members with the exception of the members in the previous lines.


Important: Bitcoin withdrawals
Published on 23-02-2021

Dear members,

Currently the Bitcoin miners fee (to send transactions) is too high to send transactions normally (The fee is currently up to $10.00 per transaction).
Therefor, Bitcoin payments will kept pending until things get back to normal again.

You still can make your withdrawal in Bitcoin, but these remain pending for a longer time then usual for the above mentioned reasons to keep the withdrawal fee for members low.

You can keep an eye on the current Bitcoin mempool for example here:,30d

Winter special 2021
Published on 07-01-2021

Dear members,

Special for you and to welcome FaucetPay as new gateway:

All crypto currency deposits will receive a 5% bonus instantly into your purchase balance!
This special will last until 31th Januari 2021 23:59 Server time and is valid only for deposits with Bitcoin, Litecoin and FaucetPay.

Deposit bonus 2021 - Happy New Year!
Published on 31-12-2020

First of all, I wish all of you a happy new year and a great 2021!!

To celebrate this once in a year event, we'll have a deposit bonus for you and is valid only on January, 1st 2021 server time.

There is no need to open a ticket, the bonus will be added automatic to your balance.

Deposit $1 or more, you will receive 2.5% extra in your purchase balance.
Deposit $10 or more, you will receive 5% extra in your purchase balance.
Deposit $50 or more, you will receive 7.5% extra in your purchase balance.
Deposit $100 or more, you will receive 10% extra in your purchase balance.
Deposit $250 or more, you will receive 12.5% extra in your purchase balance.
Deposit $500 or more, you will receive 15% extra in your purchase balance.

Thank you for being a member during 2020, I'm hoping 2021 will be a great year for all of you!

FaucetPay added as new gateway!
Published on 22-12-2020

Dear members,

Some great news, I've added FaucetPay to fund or withdrawal from your account.

Bitcoin fee's constantly out of control and can't be kept for low withdrawals anymore.
FaucetPay will solve this issue for everyone and payments arrive in your wallet instantly after being send.

I hope you will all like this new feature very much!

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