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PayPal Issue Update 2
Published on 09-07-2018

Dear members,

First of all I would like to thank each and everyone of you for the support and trust you are showing to us and our websites.

Secondly we have changed the withdraw rule in order for all of you to be able to withdraw funds.

This withdraw rule is only for members who have deposits with PayPal. The members with no deposits can withdraw to any payment processor they want as always.

From now on in order to withdraw to a payment processor you need to have at least 10% of your deposits deposited from this one.

For example if you have $1000 in deposits and you want to withdraw to Perfect Money then you need to have $100 in deposits via Perfect Money.
If the 10% is less than the minimum deposit amount you need to deposit the minimum amount.
For example if you have deposited $10 using PayPal and you want to withdraw to Payeer the 10% is $1 but the minimum amount to deposit is $5 so you will have to deposit $5.

I hope that made it clear and I believe it's fair. This might be a temporary rule at least until we get the funds of PayPal to other payment processors.

If you do not have any funds in the other supported payment processors and you still need to withdraw please submit a support ticket in order to try and find a solution together.

Kind regards,

Xalvira Team

Concerning adpacks / shares
Published on 09-07-2018


To all members who purchased our ad-packs / shares.

Because we have ended our ad-pack purchases we now have moved your shares balance to your account balance.

When you still have active shares then the earnings will be added to your account balance as well till the 100 days period has bin finished off course.

On this way you can use your share balance to withdraw our invest again, this choice is up to you.

Kind regards,


PayPal Issue Update
Published on 01-07-2018

Dear members,

PayPal contacted us to notify us they would be terminating our account permanently.

- "We hereby inform you that after a recent check of your account activities have been identified as being reasonable use of PayPal, has violated your transactions."

I won't sugarcoat it, this news came as a total, shocking surprise, a few days earlier when contacted PayPal on Wednesday July 4th, the employer promised me that my account would be unlimited again within a few days.

A few years ago we had an similar issue with PayPal about our websites, and then our websites where approved to be fine, and now this? "Unreasonable use of our PayPal account??? To much transactions???"

Payza was having issues a few month's ago, still not clear what is going to happen with them. And now this PayPal issue, I must say 2018 is a very turbulent year, but Xalvira does not give up and we do not let our members down.

No matter how unfair this might be, we have to remain pragmatic and ensure that the principles that made Xalvira what it is today remain unaffected.

We do our best to find solutions good as possible to solve this problem to continue our good work, as many already experienced we working on progress with our websites and that will never stop.

All members that never used PayPal for deposits/withdrawals, will not be affected by any means.



New Adpacks will no longer be availble
Published on 25-05-2018

Dear members,

From today Adpacks can no longer be purchased.
This mainly because it is now a days almost impossible to make a profit over the money by re-investing.

Members who currently already have Adpacks, can keep those untill those expire.

Payza issues update #2
Published on 10-04-2018

Dear members,

Payza is now disabled for both deposits and withdrawals.
Since this evening Payza disabled all API access and it has become impossible to send out any more withdrawals.

Currently there is no solution for Payza depositors until API access to Payza comes availble again, but with the past days news we are not too sure anymore.

We will try to find a solution by looking for a good alternative payment processor.

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