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To all STANDARD members!

Today we have decided to redefine our required 10% offer-earnings for the "standard" members. For this we have done something new, namely "earning points" something many already know from other ptc websites.

How the new way for standard members works;

To be able to request a withdraw foir standard members you need 5000 cash-out points. The points can be earned from PTSU, Mining, Bonus-ads and OfferWalls. Every $ 0.0001 USD earning is worth one Cash-Out point.

The previous earnings are converted to the cash-out points for those members who had offerwall earnings.


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For withdrawing money once I have to collect 5000 points orr every time I want to pay out i must collect point from begining?
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For each withdrawal you will need the 5000 points, which are archived easily, a bonus ad is already good for 10 points.

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