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Good day.
My real name is HERNANDO SALCEDO CASTELLANOS and that is how I registered on the platform. I have already exceeded $ 5 USD. I try to collect. The PAYZA icon should appear
Why can not I charge?
Blue Ultimate 90 Days
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Hi see below -
"This is requirement involves Standard members only!

In order for Standard members to cashout, a minimum of 10% of the earnings must be earned in Offerwalls.

The Offerwalls you can use are, PTCWall, AdcendMedia, Clixwall, KiwiWall, Minutestaff, Offers4All, Offertoro,
Persona, Superrewards, Wannads, PleWall, Offerdaddy and AdGatemedia.

We need to do this in view of the future because more and more money flows to our standard members,
our commission on ad revenue is getting lower while the costs to maintain our websites are getting higher.
We are permanetly looking for innovations to ensure our members' income.

Up-line will earn 10% commissions on the down-line completed offers!

There are two possible alternative options to avoid the OfferWalls;

Make a deposit (minimum $5) or Upgrade your membership, both is possible to of course.

Best Regards,


Massage from admin hope this will help you.

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